My Shameless Journey 2.0

Three years ago I discovered what it means to be shameless.

I was in college when I first learned about Maya Washington, otherwise known as Shameless Maya. She started a movement online when she did a experiment on herself and pushed herself out of her comfort zone to self-promote as an artist. Forward to today, watching her growth over the years is something I admire.

I went on a personal “Shameless Journey” from 2014-2015 and I found a lot of growth in the experience. Unfortunately, I lost track of time and momentum in my pursuit of shamelessness and all the goodness it provides. But, as I always say, fall 7 times… get back up 8.

Which leads me to this public — as public as my personal blog can get — announcement that I will be embarking on another #BeShameless Journey. I’m very excited to grow as a person, grow as a YouTuber, and grow as a writer. So… let’s do this!

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You know the drill. We create goals and plans, not wishes and dreams here. On the topic of subscriber/follower goals, I need to remind you all that I do YouTube and write on my blog because I love it. I am passionate about content creation and I do not want “big numbers” for the “fame”. I want larger numbers so that I can spread more love and positivity to more people in the world. There’s enough negativity and hate out there… so I hope that my content can bring a smile to at least one person’s face. If it makes at least one person feel happy, inspired, motivated, or less-alone… then I know I’m fulfilling my purpose. With that, here are my goals:



MAY 2015


Blog 1,000 504 ?
Instagram 2,000 1,468 ?
Twitter 1,000 850 ?
Facebook 500 376 ?
YouTube – Rachel Bulosan 10,000 4,563 ?
YouTube – RACHEYandMARK 500 257 ?


Find out what the it means to be shameless and watch Maya’s playlist below:

Do you boo boos!

— lots of virtual hugs —
xo. Rach

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