Keep Calm & Go to London


Next to Greece, London is another must-see on my travel bucketlist of places to go.


Unfortunately, I am not in London right now…

I’m actually home here in Southern California. I won’t be traveling too much for the next two or three years again because I’m going back to school this fall! Before I get right into the nitty gritty details of going back to school, let’s recap the last month of APRIL 2017.

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I noticed a lot of you enjoy these more personal blogs, and I enjoy writing them… so you can expect to see one of these “pretend-I’m-traveling-but-really-I-lured-you-in-to-read- my-recap-blog” type of blogs every month going forward. 😅

April 2017 Recap

  • Started off the month working as an event photographer at Garden Grove Open Streets 📷
  • The infamous April 15th tax deadline rolled around. I organize my own finances and file my own taxes as a freelancer. Freelance taxes are different from taxes paid by a person who has W-2 forms and all that jazz. The biggest difference is that I have to pay a quarterly tax (four times a year). Luckily, I have my handy dandy Quickbooks Self-Employed to keep my personal and business finances in check.*
  • Launched with Mark on the 14th!
  • Reached 4,000 subscribers on April 19th 🎥
  • Went through my fair share of ups and downs (read about it here) 😕
  • Babysitted for a week while my mom went to Hawaii to take care of my grandfather.
  • FOUND OUT I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!! 😱 The overwhelming amount of gratefulness, support, and love was real when I shared the news. I’m super excited to go back to school again!
  • Went to TitanCon2017 at CSUF with Mark and friends.
  • Watched the Netflix Series: Girlboss and 13 Reasons Why.
  • Continued to work with Pilipino Stickers! I’ll finally reveal what it is this month 😍

April was crazy. It was happy, sad, lazy, impatient, motivated-but-not-enough-to-post-a-new-video-on-youtube, guilty, exhausted, energized… Okay, okay… I can’t blame the month of April.

All of those descriptors were definitely for me.

Anyway, this next month of May, all I’m focusing on is stabilizing. I want to stabilize my health. I want to stabilize my life. I want to stabilize every aspect of my life. Until then…

Have a beautiful week 🌻


— lots of virtual hugs —
xo. Rach

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