It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

 As they say in the Philippines, it’s more fun in the Philippines!


I have yet to experience the motherland myself because the last time I was there I was only six months old.  I can’t remember anything I saw, ate, or did while I was visiting. All I can recall are the stories my mom would tell me. I originally planned to go sometime in the next two years, but my plans may change due to my recent news of getting admitted to grad school.

Vacations and beaches aside, I know that the country is going through a lot right now — especially with the recent turmoil in Malawi. I’m trying to understand the politics of what is going on right now, but what my thoughts always come down to is my remorse for the innocent people caught in the crossfire 💔

Unfortunately, because of the recent happenings in the Philippines, Manchester, Syria, Bangkok, Jakarta… and pretty much the world… I’m not sure when I will be able to travel anywhere outside of the country for a while. Yes, I mentioned previously that going back to school is a factor (mainly because grad school is not cheap).

Another factor for my travel hiatus is a concern for my safety.

I understand that the world is a scary place and anything could happen anywhere, but in the meantime I’ll also use this hiatus as an good excuse to travel and learn more about my nearest surroundings (California) and the rest of North America (including USA, Canada, and Mexico).

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Now that my travel-life update is over, let’s get to the much-awaited monthly recap for May 2017:

May 2017 Recap

  • My family and I celebrated Mother’s Day by getting brunch at Bruxie. Bruxie is a chicken and waffle place we go to often. We love the fact that the original location resides in our hometown. If you’re ever in the Old Towne Orange area, try out the crispy chicken and waffles or the waffle burger!

Mothers Day 2017 |

  • It’s graduation season! Congratulations to the Class of 2017. The privilege and honor that comes with graduating is something to be proud of. Surprisingly, I did not attend any graduations or grad parties this year, but I know I need to brace myself for next year’s graduations because my younger sister Bridget is graduating from her engineering program, my cousin Jayven is graduating from his pre-physical therapy/kinesiology program, and and my cousin Adrianna and Jherico are graduating from high school! I’m excited to see how I’m going to make it to every single graduation (in California, Las Vegas, and Hawaii). 🎓




  • Released a new video on YouTube about The Texting Capital of the World (The Philippines)! I also finally shared what I’ve been doing with Pilipino Stickers. We collaborated and released the project we’ve been working on the past few months consisting of “FILAM FANGIRL inspired” stickers.
  • Had a long, serious talk with my parents about life. It was scary, but necessary.
  • Got a job at the university I’ll be attending this fall!
  • Continued to watch Big Bang Theory for comic relief 😂
joapplesauce |



joapplesauce | kanna blue eyes

☁️ It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Kanna Blue Eyes! ☁️

  • Helped launch on the 27th! Check out her website for the most adorable real-life stickers. She draws all her designs and will be releasing more products very soon!
  • Took Mark to the Strawberry Festival and ate a delicious funnel cake 😋🍓
  • Spent some quality time with my cousin Hannah because she is going to study abroad this upcoming year in Spain. She is still coming back this summer for our family reunion, but it was nice to have our much-needed one on one time together.

May flew by so quickly, but I’m ready for summer to roll in. I’m ready for more beach days, Pokemon Go adventures, and morning hikes.

Last month, my goal was to “stablize” and I feel like I accomplished my goal. I will continue to aim for stabilizing my life, with an added theme-of-the-month to patience.

I chose patience because I tend be hasty and want things to happen quicker than what is expected. I chose patience because I know I am in a transitional part of my life where I am waiting for school to start, waiting for my new job to begin, waiting for my student debt to stop stressing me out, waiting for… lots of things.

I need to focus on bettering myself by honing in patience so that I could be happy with where I am at and faithful in where I know I will be. I also chose patience because I know I need to be less hard on myself and more patient in waiting for my YouTube channel to grow. This was the first month after four consistent months when I didn’t have as much exponential growth as I hoped for. (Although… I know I can’t beat myself up too bad because I hardly produced content.)

So… June, here we go. I’ll be all about patience, and continual growth.

Hope you have an incredible month starting off this summer! 🌴⛅️

— lots of virtual hugs —
xo. Rach

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