Currently on a Beach in Greece


Yup, I’m on a beach!

April Fools! Gotcha!

I’m not on a beach in Greece.

However, now that I think of it, the joke’s on me because I wish I were on a Grecian beach right now 😅  I’m sad I haven’t done much traveling these past three months, but at least my travel-hiatus is within good reason. January, February, and March flew by faster than I expected.

Ready for a 3-month life update while we enjoy beautiful beach photos of places I hope to visit?

Let’s go!


January 2017 Recap

  • Started the year off by reaching my 1,000 subscriber goal on YouTube 😍
  • I met Jessica MacCleary in real life for the first time and filmed a few videos with her before she left to the Philippines. Who knew we’d end up being the best of friends after that whole day and night together?!
  • I went to Disneyland on a rainy day. I thought the no-line Disneyland day was great, but I ended up being sick for two weeks after 😷 I was bed ridden and worried I wouldn’t make my deadline to launch this blog, but we made it fam. I launched this blog on the day I originally planned for.
  • When I was functioning at 100% again, I finalized my recommendation letters for my grad school application and started my writing samples and personal statements.

Videos to Watch: The Language Challenge | Never Have I Ever 🇵🇭


February 2017 Recap

  • I started working with Offset | SHWA Inc.
  • My best friend Shannon won Miss Yorba Linda 2017!
  • Attempted daily vlogging again… but failed.
  • Reached 2,000 subscribers on February 8th 🎥
  • Celebrated a “Week of Pagibig” during the week of Valentine’s Day! (Note: pagibig means ‘love’ in Tagalog) I talked about wedding and dating superstitions and how to kilig.
  • Started working with Pilipino Stickers on a project, stay tuned!
  • Then, I completely disappeared on social media for the last two weeks of February. Sorry about that 😅 I had to organize my finances, pay for taxes, and turn in my application for grad school. On top of that, it got crazy busy at work so… *Exit Scene*


March 2017 Recap

  • Reached 3,000 subscribers on March 14th 🎥
  • My skin was super clearing up again because I was getting more sleep, so I decided to make a Makeup for Morena Skin video.
  • finally filmed a Q&A video I’ve been procrastinating for too long.
  • Experienced Offset’s first ever SUUUGOIISATURDAY.

Videos to Watch: What’s In My Bag? (Filipino Edition) 🇵🇭

I thought I did much more in March, because it was madness… but when I look back, I realize the madness happened because of work. While I was working with Offset, business picked up and a lot of my freelance projects piled up out of no where. Being busy is a “good problem” too have though, because I know what it’s like not be busy — and not have a stable income.

Anyway, good news!

I’m blogging again 😄 I always go back and forth about making this blog too personal and journal-y, but I figured there’s no such thing as too personal with me. I also reminded myself of how much I love blogging without boundaries.

This webspace is my space, so I could create and share whatever I please. All haters can leave and all online friends can stay here, and be positive and celebrate life with me.

Hope you enjoyed the life update 💙 I’ll be back later tonight to tell you all about my work as a freelance photographer with the City of Garden Grove. Until then…

— lots of virtual hugs —
xo. Rach

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    April 18, 2017 at 4:06 am

    I love all your recaps!! Good luck on all your applications <3

    • Reply
      Rachel Bulosan
      April 19, 2017 at 7:03 pm

      Bettina! 😍 I’m glad you enjoy my recaps. I always feel like no one is really interested and I’m talking to myself when I write these kind of super personal posts, but your feedback finally makes me feel like I’m talking to no one.

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